Buying and repositioning of underperforming multifamily properties is an excellent way to grow wealth. There is a combination of forced appreciation, monthly cash flow, equity build up from principal paydown as well as excellent tax benefits. Our goal is to target properties that are too large for most individual investors and too small for institutional investors.

To achieve this, we create a specific plan for the implementation and improvement of the asset based on each property’s unique circumstances in order to maximize the efficiency of the repositioning period to lead to optimized returns.

We target monthly distributions, as well as having consistent communication through monthly newsletters and update webinars for each property.


As the cost of homeownership continues to increase, more and more blue collar workers, and young professionals are seeking quality, affordable housing throughout the region. Our properties cater to these demographics by implementing our renovation and repositioning plans.


Project Size:  Minimum of 50 units.

Asset Quality:  Class B and C properties.

Construction:  Block constriction is preferred.

Age:  Typically 1980's and newer. Older properties may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Acquisition Criteria:  Stabilized; Value add properties. 

Financing:  In the form of new financing through our network of preferred lenders.